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High Well School

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Pupil Progress Days

We conduct two Pupil Progress Days each calendar year.  These events provide an opportunity for school staff, parents/carers and pupils to get together to celebrate the work and achievements for that term.

Appointments with class teachers will provide an opportunity to discuss progress in academic and social and emotional learning.  Pupils' exercise books are available, so pupils can share  their work with parents/carers.  There will be opportunities for parents/carers and pupils to share activities that pupils undertake in school such as Imagination Gaming.

There will also be the opportunity to meet other staff around school such as the Attendance officer, Parent Support Advisor, Senior Leadership Team, SENCo and Careers Advisor.

We also take the opportunity to provide access to Apps and websites which will offer support and guidance on issues such as Internet safety.

And there's always time for a cup of tea, piece of cake and a chat!

If transport poses any problems please let our Parent Support Advisor know and we can arrange help with this.