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Pupil Voice

One of our main priorities has been to give our pupils more of a say in how their school is run.

Democratic elections take each year to decide on a representative for each class.  The representative gathers feedback and suggestions from the members of their class and discusses them at the monthly school council meeting.  Having been discussed by the pupils, these suggestions are then passed to the senior leadership team to review.

The pupils have come up with some wonderful suggestions and the implementation of these has had a positive impact upon the school.  The most significant impact has been to the school rewards system.  Through school council meetings pupils refined the system and, even though it is now more challenging for pupils to receive the highest rewards, the system has been a real success and we are convinced that this is due to their input.

Pupils discuss a variety of issues and have made significant contributions to key issues such as how we tackle bullying.  We also use school council as part of our recruitment process and firmly believe that our pupils should have a say in such important decisions affecting their education.