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High Well School

Preparing for Positive Futures
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Reward Systems

Attendance Rewards

At High Well School we know that we can only support our pupils to reach their full potential if they attend. We reward good attendance at every chance possible. 

Some rewards that pupils can look forward to for outstanding or significantly improving attendance are as follows: 


  • Each pupil who has 100% attendance for the week will receive a certificate to take home (up to Year 9). 
  • Each pupil who has 100% or significantly improved attendance will receive a small treat at the end of the day on Friday. 
  • Each pupil who has 100% attendance will receive a point on class charts. 

Half termly 

  • Pupils with attendance of above 95% for the half term will be invited to a rewards event- pupils will vote on the reward they would like. 
  • The class with the highest attendance will have the attendance trophy to keep on display in their classroom and will receive extra social or free time as a reward. 


  • Pupils with 95% and above or those who have significantly improved their attendance will be invited to attend a special event to celebrate their achievement. 
Behaviour and Learning Rewards 

All pupils at High Well have a personalised target, created after consulting the outcomes in the Education and Health Plan.  This is bespoke for each pupil and in line with their next steps to make progress socially or emotionally.   The opportunity to achieve the personal target is available in each of the six daily lessons and the teacher will review the target for each pupil at the end of the lesson and confirm using Class Charts - our parental engagement software.  There are also opportunities to achieve the personal target at break and lunchtime - providing eight opportunities each day.

Each class will agree upon a half-termly total which pupils need to achieve to meet the class target.  Some classes incorporate different levels of success, so the rewards may be different for different pupils depending on their success at meeting their target.   Each class has a rewards budget per half-term, and they are able to decide, with the support of the staff in the team, how to spend this.  It could be on an experience or an item for the class to use at break or lunchtime.  Some classes may choose to save these to have more money available in future.  The reward will only be available to those who have earned it.  This process is a pupil led exercise (with adult support) where pupils decide what success looks like and what is an appropriate incentive.  By handing responsibility to the pupils for which rewards they should receive and the levels required to attain a reward, we firmly believe that they will be more invested and committed to meeting their personal targets.  

Targets are reviewed on a half-termly basis and amended where appropriate, once again using the pupils' personalised outcomes in their EHCP.

An example of how Class Charts communicates a target being met with a parent