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Student Leadership Council


One of our main priorities has been to give our pupils more of a say in how their school is run.

Democratic elections take each year to decide on representatives for each class and pupils are awarded with a Student Leadership  Council badge. 

The representatives gather feedback and suggestions from the members of their class and discusses them at the monthly student leadership group meeting.  Having been discussed by the pupils, these suggestions are then passed to the senior leadership team to review.

The pupils have come up with some wonderful suggestions and the implementation of these has had a positive impact upon the school.  Historically, the most significant impact has been to the school rewards system.  Through student leadership group meetings, pupils refined the system and the system has been a real success and we are convinced that this is due to their input.

Pupils discuss a variety of issues and have made significant contributions to key issues such as how we tackle bullying.  We also intend to use our student leadership group as part of our recruitment process and firmly believe that our pupils should have a say in such important decisions affecting their education.

2023/24 Discussions, Ideas and Actions 

Pupils felt that the breakfast club was better in the dining hall as it enabled them to mix and speak with others from different classes.


Suggestions were:

Another Goalie net opposite the one already in place and each class to have their own basket ball and football. 

Drinks available after PE. It was suggested that they have a bottle with their name on but then felt it better to have a insulated cup with a lid so they can use this for breakfast club.

Corridors to be made more interesting with Murals which are more colourful and more grown up.

Timetable to be more creative, Music and Art for older pupils

Movies in dining hall on Friday afternoon for Golden Time

Books in the library to be changed with wider offer, more age appropriate and different topic books.

Inside games like table football and pool table.

Scooters for them to use at breaktime and lunchtime

To keep the Flamingo Land Trip

Juice at lunchtime is too weak.


Pupils felt that the breakout rooms were childish and needed to be more appropriate themes.


2022/23 Discussions, Ideas and Actions 

Discussions, ideas and actions to date are as follows:

Suggestion from pupils


Badges for School Leadership Council to wear around school

Badges have been purchased and distributed to pupils on the School Leadership Council


More outdoor games, football goal and basketball hoops

Shelter to sit outside which are colourful and more seating

A library which looks fun and has comfy seating

Purchased and fitted a fixed football goal, basketball hoops, storage unit with outdoor toys and games

Purchased and fitted outdoor ‘pods’ with seating for the pupils in different colours along with coloured benches

New library purchased and fitted at the back of the dining hall

Do pupils feel unsafe anywhere?

Break out rooms are not nice to be in (can feel unsafe)


These have been painted by a local artist with murals which the pupils have contributed to.  Pupils said that they feel much nicer to be in.

‘Quick 6’ re-cap / retrieval of learning in Classroom

Takes too much time and not quick

Get a bonus for doing it


As the recap and retrieval is in the pupils' best interest unfortunately there will be no bonus for completing it, however feedback has been given to teaching staff to make the ‘quick 6’ - quick - and not to take too long doing this re-cap.

Attendance rewards

  • Sweets
  • Raffle with big prize
  • Restaurant with buffet
  • Play park
  • Badges
  • Vouchers
  • Longer lunch breaks
  • Go Karting


Sweets are given each week for 100% attendance

We have booked a whole school trip to Flamingo Land in June for those who demonstrate good attendance.

Class charts for behaviour are in place

Assembly will be reconvened in September for Fridays – this will be where attendance is recognised with prizes and certificates.

Attendance Barriers

Mental Health

Being ‘annoyed’ with other students

Can’t be bothered


A whole school approach will be actioned.  Staff will ask all pupils what they feel works.


Ideas to improve reading

Magazine subscriptions

Manga comics etc

Trips to the library if there are not any books that students want to read

Badges for being good readers


Graphic novels have been ordered

Badges will be ordered

Prizes will be given out in the rewards assembly

Any Other Business (brought up by students)

Whiteboard in KS4A is difficult to read

Year 6 really liked Hello Hip Hop – can we do more?

Students would like to paint one of the walls outside in the playground

More play equipment – monkey bars / swings / sides


The Food Tech kitchen needs repairing – some taps / ovens do not work



The School’s IT company have been contacted to replace the whiteboard

Yes, further workshops will be actioned

School will contact the local artist who painted the murals in school to see if they can work with pupils in painting the outside wall

Unfortunately, this is not possible due to budget restrictions but we are trying to apply for grant funding to see if we can get further PE / Sport resources in school


School will look into this.